As I introduce you to my new brand and this new product catalogue, I can’t help but imagine what my ancestors’ reaction would have been to the results of my work. The same people who began a long time ago to hand harvest lavender in the mountains of Haute Provence in France. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, techniques are more modern, the market has evolved and many things have changed, but our mountains of Haute Provence are still as beautiful as ever. Our lavender is today more than ever known as the best in the world and the profession my ancestors adopted in a very elementary fashion has, through time and generations, become a true passion.

Much more than a simple range of products, it is our family history, a profession and a passion that I hope I will be able to share with you. Through this range I portray my Provence, the cradle of my childhood, the place in my grandparents’ tales, which I rediscover in amazement every day. Provence for me is synonymous with well-being, elegance and beauty.

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Provence symbolises the art of living with tradition and in harmony. Genuinely and simply. These are the values that guided me as I designed my products and that I hope your customers will bring back with them in their luggage reminiscent of the time they spent in Provence.

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